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Hi, I'm Dinara Mirtalipova - an Uzbek girl and a self taught illustrator, a young mom carrying the entire world on my shoulders, a wifey to my best friend, a daughter to two old funny folks, a sister to a talented model/photographer Aziza Mirtalipova. I'm a cat owner, a dog lover, children advocate and I'm anti any war nor violence. With wide eyed curiosity, I feel like I'm forever swallowed in the world of folk tales and ethnic music.  No opinion on neither politics, nor religion. An introvert. A same-tune-on-repeat listener.

I was born and grew up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. No, it is not the same as Pakistan. Uzbekistan was once one of the Republics in the Soviet Union. My family and I moved to the US and currently we live in snowy Ohio. I pretty much learned English after we moved here. 

I find my inspiration in folklore, old songs my mom used to sing to me, fairy tails from when I was little, a wall rug hung above my grandma's bed, cultures, story telling, textiles and fabrics.

I went to school for Cybernetics and Computer Science at Tashkent State University of Economics. Back then I considered my doodling abilities as a plain hobby. I never knew that one day I can turn it into my profession. 

I sketch, scan and use photoshop for production jobs that require color control, layering and when I know there will be changes. I prefer gouache and acrylics for soul paintings and personal journals. But there are times when I do just quiet the opposite.