I'm a sketchbooker but I rarely finish any of them. I fall in love with a book, start it and then I forget about it until I see it again. And now I have little Sabrina who adds her touch every time she finds any sketchbook around our house. So here's a Sketchbook page I added here, where I will be posting some of my favorite pages. 

Animal Rugs for The Land of Nod

I'm overly excited to introduce my new rug collection I designed for The Land of Nod

mirdinara for the land of nod

This year we are turning Sabrina's room into a toddler's room. She's getting a new "big girl" bed and her own little desk where we will spend hours doing crafts. I still can't decided for myself which of these rugs I'm going to put in her her room. 

mirdinara for the land of nod

Hello Weekend!

Hope you guys are enjoying your summer days! I love this warm weather before it gets really hot. 

P.S. Thanks everyone who participates in the giveaway. To be honest, I wasn't expecting so many comments, you totally made my week!
Thank you for visiting! 


Swim Team Giveaway!

I'm overly thrilled to get to introduce my very first fabric collection with Windham Fabrics. I was always fascinated by fabrics, as a child I collected little scraps from my mom's sewing and arranged them in my swatch book. 

As an adult I find I'm still so drawn for patterns, it's like solving a mental puzzle, I find. I love turning my illustrations into patterns just for fun to see if they will get a second life. 


That's exactly what happened when I met Sandy and he showed me a photo of his mom. Just look at her - there's something about this photo that I love so much, her look, her fancy glasses, the swim suit, the patterns all over, the blues and the reds. Her sense of style is so declared that all the young hipsters of today can just go rest )) She is my inspiration!

Sandy's Mom

so that was how the "Swim Team" collection was born.

To celebrate the summer with me, I'm happy to give away Two Fat Quarter Bundles for Two Winners. All you need to do is to leave your comment here and tell me what would you sew with this collection. I'm drawing two names next Tuesday which is May27th. Can't wait to hear from you!

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Thanks to everyone who entered their names! Wow, I didn't expect so many responses and your comments made me so happy!
To draw two winners, I used Please note that I counted ONLY the names, not the numbers of comments. 

So the winner are: Hayley and Veronica Montemayor. Congrats, ladies )) Please email me you address. 

See you at Surtex!


I'm off to Surtex! After a year of hard work, I'm packing my suitcases mostly of work samples, art books, images, sketches and promo giveaways. All equipped with my work horses - my laptop in a backpack and camera in my oversized bag, there's very little space for dresses and shoes. Please come and say hi, I will be with Magnet Reps at Booth 307/309 :-)))
And can you find me on Instagram to see what I'm up to, while surfing the streets of New York.