Surface Pattern Design Guide

So happy to find my patterns among many many talented artists in Uppercase's Surface Pattern Design Guide. As I was browsing everyone's work I kept thinking - Is there ever a limit to creativity ?! Every single pattern featured in the issue is so unique and different. For a second I even wanted to start a clothing line for kids and I was imagining how it would be all bright and happy )))) but then I shook my head off and reminded myself to stay focused. 

mirdinara for Uppercase1
mirdinara for Uppercase

Book of Patterns


In the process of preparations for Surtex 2014, I realized what an imported part in my portfolio take patterns. In my initially printed book I combined my illustrations all mixed with repeated patterns, but shortly after the book was sent for print I decided to dedicated a small book to surface design specifically. So the "Book of Patterns" was created.  

Museo Diocesano di Padova, Italy

I'm so honored for the chance to have one of my pieces to be displayed at Museo Diocesano in Italy, where you can visit at a current exhibition. The exhibition is about "Journey" and there are about hundred of incredible illustrators from all over the world. Just recently they sent me a catalog with all the entries and I'm proudly displaying my spread here below. There was also this photo that just melted my heart - some young students are learning how to draw a horse and the cutest girl is proudly showing her drawing next to my framed piece. 

Photo courtesy of Museo Diocesano di Padova, Italy

Photo courtesy of Museo Diocesano di Padova, Italy

Museo Diocesano di Padova Illustrators Catalog, Italy

Museo Diocesano di Padova Illustrators Catalog, Italy

Celebrating Earth Day

Can't get enough of mushrooms! I like them cooked, pickled, raw, painted, sketched, stitched - you name it. 

mirdinara lookbook

mirdinara lookbook

mirdinara promo material: (left) buttons, (right) letterheads

mirdinara promo material: (left) buttons, (right) letterheads

Easter Fun

Hope yours was truly amazing!
I'm not religious, but I just can't miss the opportunity to paint an egg. Especially now since I have a little daughter who is all about getting inked. Every year I decorate a wooden or a clay egg and it almost became a tradition now. 


This was my first attempt with photo books. I printed with Blurb and I really like the quality of prints and the paper stock. I was so excited that I instantly ordered another book of just patterns. Yay! Now I'm like a child waiting impatiently for the Christmas to come early.

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Digital Arts Pattern Tutorial

Hola! I had a pleasure sharing my knowledge on Digital Arts about creating patterns and showing my way of working in photoshop. If you are curious head over and see it for yourself

Creating patterns for me is like playing a mental puzzle – like building Lego or playing Tetris. The rhythm of every pattern depends of how it is going to be used and the purpose of it.

When I design something for wallpaper I need to make sure that the repeat will look even and smooth on a 8ft wall.

When it’s for a fabric, the scale isn’t much of a deal, but the colours might be – so I stay away from combining similar tones. If you put pink next to orange, or sky blue and baby blue next to each other, they will probably appear as the same shade once printed on a fabric.
— Digital Arts, by Dinara Mirtalipova