Poster for Radio Flyer

I'm so excited to be part of this wonderful campaign that celebrates 100 years of Radio Flyer.  I'm honored to be chosen to be among ten wonderful artists who created ten posters for the Kids Travel Agency campaign. The destination I design is called "Salty Seahorse Rodeo Ranch". 


"The main attraction at Salty Seahorse Rodeo Ranch is the evening rodeo that you get to stay up late for, as in, no bedtime. As a guest, you’ll get to be in the rodeo! All competitors get a chance to not get bucked from a salty seahorse in front of an adoring audience of digging clams that stay undigged for the entire show. Whatever you choose to do at the Salty Seahorse Rodeo Ranch, it’s sure to be a hootin’ tootin; good time, partners! "

Agency: FCB Chicago
Client: Radio Flyer
Date: Mar 17, 2017