For a very long time my days have been so institutional - get up, get dressed, go to school/college/work. I'm finally at that point of my life where I would want to break that cycle and to stop and pause and enjoy very joy-able moment in my day, like waking up with my child, enjoying my morning coffee and staying up as late as my sole pleases. Saying that, I'm leaving my full time job and I'm becoming a freelancer.

Am I scared? - I sure am. I've never done that before and I'm taking myself out of my comfort zone. It is so much easier to take your child to a daycare and spend your day at work. I'm nervous if I can replace a teacher for my daughter, I'm taking a big financial risk, I wonder if I can still stay creative and mostly I'm nervous if I can teach myself how to become self directed and not fall into procrastination.

I have high hopes though. It is time to simplify my life, get fewer tasks, get rid of cluster, spend less, eat more greens and explore the world around me. Unlearning old habits is not an easy task. Stay with me through this journey.