Poster for Radio Flyer

I'm so excited to be part of this wonderful campaign that celebrates 100 years of Radio Flyer.  I'm honored to be chosen to be among ten wonderful artists who created ten posters for the Kids Travel Agency campaign. The destination I design is called "Salty Seahorse Rodeo Ranch". 


"The main attraction at Salty Seahorse Rodeo Ranch is the evening rodeo that you get to stay up late for, as in, no bedtime. As a guest, you’ll get to be in the rodeo! All competitors get a chance to not get bucked from a salty seahorse in front of an adoring audience of digging clams that stay undigged for the entire show. Whatever you choose to do at the Salty Seahorse Rodeo Ranch, it’s sure to be a hootin’ tootin; good time, partners! "

Agency: FCB Chicago
Client: Radio Flyer
Date: Mar 17, 2017

International Women's Day

Growing up, International Women's Day was a very celebrated holiday. Women dressed up and were given flowers and chocolates. But only now I truly understand what it really means to be a woman and why we have to fight for equal rights. I'm teaching my daughter to stand tall and peruse her passion, to stay curious and read a lot, to be kind and forgiving, and to not believe in "happily ever after", but to rely on building the happiness with hard work and patience. 

Working on Godiva Holiday Packaging 2016

I had this awesome opportunity to collaborate on Holiday Packaging for "Godiva" Chocolatier. When I started my working process we discussed with Godiva team a few sketches and one of the suggestions was "Nutcracker" Ballet. I brought up my childhood memories how growing up we had this tradition when each year we went to see "Nutcracker". Since that time I associate winter holidays with the sparkle and shimmer, dancing sugarplums and the music of Tchaikovsky.

It was agreed that the packaging had to be globally relevant and celebrating the warmth and magic of the season. So ideas like ornaments, stars, snowflakes, dancing sugarplums came to mind.

Winter Holidays is the season of childlike wonder and believe in magic, joy and happiness. It is that time when families get together to celebrate, to bake and the exchange gifts. It is also the time of gift giving or giving back.  

I also had this lovely opportunity to visit "Godiva" HQ in New York City.

"Echo", novel

I'm happy to finally share the book cover I illustrated for Scholastic - a novel "Echo" by Pam Munoz Ryan. The novel shares very emotional stories of it's main characters and the struggles they go through. When I first received my manuscript I couldn't stop reading and spent all night reading it through. It's a true honore to get to collaborate with Scholastic on illustrating the cover for "Echo".

A royal cat's story

It's been a while since I updated this blog. It's mainly because somehow instagram has taken over most of blog functions and became a much more convenient tool of news sharing. But I know there are still some of you who periodically check this page, so I'm going to figure out a good way to post a different type of information here.
Today, I'll share a little story that popped up from nowhere )) I only need to figure out the ending as I'm not sure yet what the cat is going to do about the missing crown. I asked my pre-school age daughter and she insisted that the mice absolutely must return the stolen crown as it's not ok to take someone's stuff. I argued that it's the cat's fault as she was lazy and not keeping an eye on the crown, but my arguments didn't seem to change Sabrina's mind and she kept insisting that the mice should bring it back, otherwise the cat will get in trouble )))

and for those who are not in Instagram, here's a little peek at my drawing process:

My 2014 Holiday Cards

Winter Holidays are my favorite. It's that exciting festive feeling inside us that makes our faces light up and the urge to congratulate every stranger with a happy holiday season. I really like how it's not so much about the religious roots of the holidays any more and in general people are very understandable tolerant to each other's religious believes. I am not religious but I love how the spirit of Christmas flows into the celebration of the New Year.